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Your privacy is critically important to us. We take utmost pride in providing perfect privacy for the end user and visitors of the site.


This policy covers the processing of personal data by 100BestQuotes. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information whilst striving to provide the very best user experience. We want this website to be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments about this privacy policy or the website you can contact us at 100BestQuotes.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

When you subscribe to our site, you will be providing us with your email id, so that the information could be sent to you regarding the product which you have inquired about. The details of the interaction between us will be recorded for further correspondence. Time to time, we will be requesting you to provide your valuable feedback for the products you choose so that the information can benefit other user.

IP Address

IP addresses are collected as they are beneficial to track down the number of users who have visited the website and for providing the statistical data to our marketing staff to reveal the traffic on the site. But we insure that no information regarding you as a user will be violated.

Cookie Policy

Cookie is a file which handles the transactions records for our future working and development of our site. It does ask permission for getting stored on the computer’s hardware from the user. Once the customer allows the file to be added it gets installed and makes your browsing on the site simple and easy. They help in responding to the individual and due to this the web applications can feature according to their operations based on your requirements. Cookies do also reveal that which pages are being used frequently on your websites. It’s a myth that the cookies give access to your computers, it’s absolutely incorrect. It’s only the data which is shared with us. It’s your choice of accepting or declining the cookies.

Purpose of Information gathered

Information gathered is utilized in an appropriate manner so that consumers could benefit from it. It is used to provide appropriate and relevant information related to the product for which enquiry has been made. We keep the details of what you have been looking for on our site and keep you updated regarding the same. We do take care of the contracts which you   have signed while getting registered on our site. We do take privilege in getting the feedback from you so that the site could be updated accordingly as per your requirement. Keep you abreast about the changes which have been taking place on the site. If you have subscribed for any newsletter then we insure that the information related to your interest is provided to you on the email id as per record.

Other links provided

We will be providing you with the access to other website via our site but in that case we don’t insure the privacy policy followed by that site. As each and every site does have its own privacy policy. As per the policy which has been mentioned on our site, it is liable for accessing our site and all its pages. You will have to practice precaution while you browse through different sites you follow through our site. You are requested to have a look on the privacy policy of the sites before providing any information to any third party.

Rights which are possessed by you

We ensure that the personal information which has been provided by you is not revealed to our marketing team. In case we intend to do so, we will intimate our users and take your permission before taking a step. When the permission is granted by you then only your information will be provided for marketing purpose. Under certain circumstances some links could be provided on the site, in that case we cannot take full authority of protecting your privacy as every link provided does have their own privacy policy. It is entirely the responsibility of the user and is to their discretion to protect it. It’s recommended that before presenting the information on the link provided, you should go through their privacy policy.

Information security

We fully insure you that the information provided by you to us will be purely secured. For safeguarding the information, we have placed suitable electronic and physical gadgets along with managerial processes.

Privacy Policy changes

By using this website you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. If we do so, we will post an updated version on this website. You will be bound by the new terms upon your continued use of this website.

Protection of Data

When you accept the privacy policy of our site and don’t have any issues with us moving ahead further. Your personal information is stored for the process of providing you with the better services we cater to.

Your Questions – Our Support

Any further queries related to the Privacy Policy could be forwarded to 100bestquotes@gmail.com and we are sure to get back to you with a solution.

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